Berkley A Nose Tale

Berkley has a huge nose and is always sticking it where it doesn’t belong, always getting into trouble. Can Berkley ever find a way to put his super sniffer to good use?

This is a fun and funny story of how being a little bit different can be an asset, not a disadvantage.




Berkley’s Family album








Mocca Arts Festival

April 6-7 2019, I attended the Mocca Arts Festival, and Berkley was a hit!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi, and picked up a copy of Berkley, A Nose tale.   And a big thanks to my tablemate R Robert Pollak , we had a great time, and maybe we’ll do it again next year!


Ya know, if you read Berkley to your soon to be born child, their sense of smell vastly improves… its a scientific fact!



What people are saying…

Jeyran Main:    I felt as though the characters were popping out of the page. Everything looked colorful and intriguing.

Sharon Coffey:    Hillman’s illustrations are humorous and expressive. The emotion he’s able to capture In the opening pages, it’s as if Berkley is reaching his sniffer out to get a whiff of the reader.

Lindsay Maeve Schubert:   David Hillman’s debut picture book is a classically sweet story. Lovers of puppies and kittens will find delight in this tale about how the oddest things about us are sometimes what saves the day.


Currently out of print.

but still available through third party resellers.



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