Berkley A Nose Tale

Berkley has a huge nose and is always sticking it where it doesn’t belong, always getting into trouble. Can Berkley ever find a way to put his super sniffer to good use?

This is a fun and funny story of how being a little bit different can be an asset, not a disadvantage.




Berkley’s Family album








Mocca Arts Festival

April 6-7 2019, I attended the Mocca Arts Festival, and Berkley was a hit!

I want to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi, and picked up a copy of Berkley, A Nose tale.   And a big thanks to my tablemate R Robert Pollak , we had a great time, and maybe we’ll do it again next year!




What people are saying…

Jeyran Main:    I felt as though the characters were popping out of the page. Everything looked colorful and intriguing.

Sharon Coffey:    Hillman’s illustrations are humorous and expressive. The emotion he’s able to capture In the opening pages, it’s as if Berkley is reaching his sniffer out to get a whiff of the reader.

Lindsay Maeve Schubert:   David Hillman’s debut picture book is a classically sweet story. Lovers of puppies and kittens will find delight in this tale about how the oddest things about us are sometimes what saves the day.


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