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What they’re saying…

David’s meticulous attention to details combined with his excellent drawing skills has made him the key stone of many projects that has worked on with me. It’s amazing how he pushes the limits of Adobe Illustrator.

Graham HalkeyVP of Creative services at Kenn Viselman Presents, Inc.

Just a few words about Dave Hillman and his work: Hire him! I’ve been working with Dave for a decade now and each time we collaborate he raisesthe bar higher and higher. He’s fast, creative and fun to work with. In short, he’s worth his weight in gold. 🙂

Glenn Schubert Owner, Insomnia TV

Working with David Hillman’s passion and commitment to getting the layout and final render right was a real help. Every project was addressed with the utmost professionalism and fresh creative eye.

Doug Greene Art Director Studio C | Design & Development Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Limited

David has a uniquely responsive way of truly listening to the creative vision. The result is exceptional art that captures both the essence and the unspoken nuances. His insight saves time and money, and leaves room for CDs to focus on further enhancements, rather than fixing. With David, there’s always room to breathe new insights … Continue reading Rudy Gaskin Chairman & CEO Society of Voice Arts and Sciences

Rudy Gaskin Chairman & CEO Society of Voice Arts and Sciences